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Greatpower won the 2020 Shanghai Top 100 Service Enterprises
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On August 18, the 2020 Shanghai Top 100 Enterprises Press Conference was held in China Financial Information Building. With its good revenue performance and corporate performance,Greatpower once again ranked among the top 100, and was awarded the "2020 Shanghai Top 100 Service Companies" and "2020 Shanghai Top 100 Private Service Companies".

The Shanghai Top 100 Enterprise Events are jointly sponsored by the Shanghai Enterprise Confederation, Shanghai Entrepreneurs Association, Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations and Jiefang Daily. The press conference also attracted the attention of the Shanghai Enterprise Federation, the Municipal Economic League, the city’s main business associations, industry association leaders and the media.

At the press conference, Liu Jiaping, president of the Shanghai Enterprise Confederation, delivered an important speech and put forward several constructive suggestions for the development of enterprises and the industry. The field of new energy and new materials of Getpai is also listed as key industry development areas along with artificial intelligence and biomedicine.

It is worth noting that Greatpower has not only been evaluated again this year, but also the ranking has been significantly improved. Greatpower was ranked 89th among the top 100 Shanghai service companies in 2020 and 57th among the top 100 private service companies in Shanghai in 2020.

This time, Greatpower was once again selected as one of the top 100 Shanghai service companies and the top 100 private service companies. This is the result of the strong support and recognition of Greatpower from all walks of life and industry customers. We will take this opportunity to continuously improve its business level, earnestly fulfill the social responsibility of outstanding private enterprises in the new era, and based on the core business of the enterprise, serve customers with excellent quality, and continue to contribute to the development of the new energy industry. 

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