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Good news! Greatpower was named as Shanghai Private Enterprise Headquarters
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On December 30th, 2019, Greatpower won another honor, bringing 2019 to a successful end.  According to "Some Opinions of Shanghai Municipality on Encouraging the Establishment of Private Enterprise Headquarters" (Shanghai Business Regulation [2019] No.1), 149 companies such as Shanghai Greatpower Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanshan Holding Co., Ltd. were identified as Shanghai Private Enterprise Headquarters in 2019.
For a long time, Shanghai has been committed to promoting the vitality of the private economy in all respects, contributing to the healthy development of the private economy, and increasing financial support to the headquarters of private enterprises.
The inclusion of Greatpower into Shanghai Private Enterprise Headquarters means that the scale, operation stability, total assets, operating income and other development levels of Greatpower have been recognized. It also means that Shanghai will increase its support to Greatpower in  financial aid, reward policy, financing support, and also talent and service policies.
Due to the support and hard work of all the colleagues, Greatpower has gained a lot in 2019. In the future, Greatpower will continue to make great efforts, meet the requirements for private enterprises, work hard and strive for achieving the vision of "becoming the core infrastructure of mobile energy".
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