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Head engineer of Greatpower attended 2019 China Lithium Battery Cathode Material Technological Innovation and Industrialization Seminar
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From December 5th to 6th, the China Lithium Battery Cathode Material Technological Innovation and Industrialization Seminar, co-hosted by Tsinghua University, Foshan New Material Research Institute and Media Lithium Battery Frontier, was held in Zanyee Hotel in Foshan, Guangdong Province. This forum invited experts, scholars and engineers to participate in, mainly talked about the newest research and development in cathode material and tried to promote the downstream massive application by giving speeches and exhibiting products. Mr. Wang, head engineer of Shanghai Greatpower Technology Co., Ltd, was invited and gave a speech of Technologies to produce high-grade nickel and single crystal ternary cathode material precursor.

Mr. Wang introduced the production and research of NCM cathode material and its precursor in a professional but simple way. He also evaluated the relevant techniques and processand listed the detailed ways to produce NCM cathode material and its precursor, also its impact on battery performance. Mr. Wangs speech caught the attention of experts and scholars in the NCM cathode material industrial chain, and all of them hoped that this kind of technique can be put into application in the future to address the safety and performance issues of electric vehicle batteries.

As a core supplier for raw materials in the NEV industrial chain, Greatpower has always been pursuing to become the core infrastructure of mobile energy. It has a strong research and development teamand leads the way in some technological fields. By attending this seminar, Mr. Wang shared Greatpowers efforts and achievements in improving the security and performance of new energy battery cathode material, and in the final stage, promoting the research and progress of domestic cathode material industry.

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