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Good news! Zhejiang Greatpower lives up to expectation and accomplish the monthly production task
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In the morning of Oct 26th when the production and operation conference was held, Zhejiang Greatpower prepared a big cake to celebrate the punctual output of the products.

Through the hard work of all the employees and the management of the headquarter in October, the output of cobalt salt exceeds the previous anticipation, presenting a satisfying result to the high-quality development of the company and group.

The accomplishment of the monthly production task marks the successful production capacity expansion of Zhejiang Greatpower. In addition, it lays a solid foundation for the increase of output in the future and strengthens the confidence of the management team to overcome difficulties, which supports the future development of the group.  

With our passion for work in the golden autumn and under the guidance of safe production, Zhejiang Greatpower will continue to develop under the leadership of the headquarter to strengthen product quality control and try its best to reach the target this year.

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