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Greatpower attended the 2019 Global NEV Supply-chain Innovation Conference and presented on Nanjing TV Station
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From Sept 17th to 18th, the 2019 Global NEV Supply-chain Innovation ConferenceGNSIC, co-hosted by the Nanjing municipal government and China EV100, was held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. As the core supplier of cathode material for NEV batteries, Greatpower was invited to attend this conference.

This conference, also the high-end forum of NEV industrial chain, invited many big names. Under the theme of co-establishing the high-end NEV supply chain in the backdrop of great changes, this conference discussed issues including establishing the system and industrial network of NEV supply chain, ways to create a new environment for supply chain industry and methods and strategies for supply chain transformation, thus offering new thinking on the industrial development of Nanjing NEV and the overall development of NEV supply chain.

In addition, as the theme conference of 2019 Nanjing Autumn Fair, GNSIC also allowed participants to have site visits to the industrial parks for NEV industry development of Nanjing. Yu Licheng, head of Greatpowers marketing techniques and policies research center, accepted a special interview by Nanjing TV Station in Nanjing branch of Volkswagen. Ms. Yu introduced the development of NEV industrial chain and spoke highly of the achievements made by Nanjing in the coordinated development of NEV supply chain. She also said that Greatpower has strong wish to invest those industrial projects in Nanjing.  

As a core supplier for raw materials in the NEV industrial chain, Greatpower hopes to progress with the industrial chain in the same pace. With the support of the government, Greatpower will promote the landing and development of the new energy industry projects and gain the progress of China NEV industry. Nanjing TV Station also paid strong attention to this interview with Greatpower. This interview was broadcast on Nanjing News on late Sept 19th.  

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