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Greatpower had another product: Cobalt Chloride
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On September 1st, Zhejiang Greatpowers transformation of cobalt chloride evaporation and crystallization was successfully completed, and the first pack of product was delivered on Sept 3rd. Chairman Cao and CEO Gong went to Zhejiang Greatpower to show their thanks to those who worked hard for the transformation and delivering of the product.

This transformation used cobalt intermediates as the raw material, after processes like ball mill, sulfuric acid leaching, de-ironing and extraction-stripping, then hydrochloric acid was applied in stripping to get cobalt chloride solution. In addition, evaporation and crystallization made full use of the equipment in the factory and enamel reactor was added into this process. Starting from the middle of July and through the hard work of the whole production team, the transformation was completed at the end of August.

Chairman Cao said that the cobalt chloride output marks the rolling out of new products and techniques, and with Zhejiang Greatpower increase its production capacity, more products will be delivered.

Success comes by no accident. The output of the product is the result of cooperation made by all the departments and plants, with the wisdom and hard work of all the employees. We believe that under the leadership of the HQ, Zhejiang Greatpower will strive for better development and contribute more to the group.

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