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Daily Financial News: Shanghai Greatpower and Xiao County Jiuyou Fund to jointly build an international new energy ecosystem
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On the afternoon of 9th January, 2017, the signing ceremony of investment agreement between Shanghai Greatpower New Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd. and Jiuhe Equity Investment Fund Partnership (Limited partnership) in Xiao county, Anhui was held in Hilton Yilin Hotel, Suzhou, Anhui province. Yang Jun, deputy Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Suzhou, together with many leaders of Suzhou municipal government, Dongqiang Cao, chairman of Greatpower New Energy, Xiaolong Liu, chairman of Jiuyou Fund and other senior executives of both companies attended the signing ceremony.


According to the on-site knowledge, after the signing ceremony, Shanghai Greatpower will register anhui Greatpower Technology Co., Ltd. in Xiao county county, Anhui Province, as the listed entity, set up a wholly owned subsidiary to produce lithium battery anode materials. It is estimated that the annual revenue of Grenada Group will reach RMB 7 billion by 2020. After the production of positive electrode materials, the annual revenue is expected to reach 2.7 billion yuan. With years of industry chain operation experience and technical and team support formed in strategic cooperation with Jinchuan Group (Asia's largest nickel-cobalt and power battery materials group), The above goal will be achieved within days. At the same time, the cooperation between the two sides can also enhance the overall economic strength of Xiao County, and help Xiao County to complete an important layout in the industrial chain of new energy vehicles.


(At the signing ceremony)


At the ceremony, Xiaolong Liu, Jiuyou Fund chairman acknowledged the good investment environment in Suzhou and Xiao County. In the past few years, the overall business environment in Suzhou and Xiao county has changed greatly. The introduction of Greatpower project in Xiao county has given a great impetus to our overall supporting environment and the implementation of industrial transformation projects.


In addition, Xiaolong Liu, chairman of the board of directors, emphasized to share long have fund and the factors behind the strong association of Shanghai Greatpower. It is learned that Shanghai Greatpower New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, has long made achievements in the construction of the world's leading power battery, small secondary battery and energy storage battery industry ecosystem. At present, Greatpower is working hard to develop new energy resources and technologies. On the other hand, from the perspective of global industry trends, the great development of electric vehicles in China is inevitable in the next 20 years. In this process, the ternary anode material battery will become the most cost-effective mainstream power battery in 20 years. According to Xiaolong Liu, Greatpower, located in the upstream of the industrial chain, occupies the first place in the volume of raw materials trade in China, which enables them to maintain a growth momentum of more than 50 percent in the material trade and manufacturing field.


At the same time, Shanghai Greatpower and the world's top mining companies to maintain long-term cooperation, fully guarantee the enterprise's resource supply. In the past ups and downs of the ternary positive electrode material market, Greatpower can maintain the stability in the supply chain of Chinese channels, which greatly promotes the great development of power battery and improves the credibility of Chinese power battery material channels in the world.


For a long time, Grenadiers not only pay attention to the upstream but also systematically integrate the downstream in the development process. Greatpower has built the production of battery raw materials in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui and obtained excellent output capacity. At present, its battery-related cobalt lithium and nickel resources trading business has become the industry leader, under its zhejiang ZhongjinGreatpower (cobalt and nickel products) and Jiangsu Greatpower (lithium products) production enterprises, is the industry's only nickel-cobalt lithium whole system strategic layout enterprises. The cathode material factory constructed in Xiao County will be integrated with The Shanghai headquarters of Greatpower, forming an upstream integrated supplier of power batteries based in Xiao county, Anhui province and three places in Jiangsu and Zhejiang province. The future alignment of Glencore and Tesla will be Glencoe and Tesla, which will become a whole industrial chain company of new energy and automobiles.


( Dongqiang Cao, chairman of Shanghai Gepai New Energy Technology Group Co., LTD., attended the signing ceremony)

At the signing ceremony, Dongqiang Cao, chairman of Shanghai Greatpower New Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd. also elaborated on the project itself and future development and had an in-depth discussion with Mayor Yang Jun on the future development of the industry. The strategic cooperation between Greatpower New Energy and Kuyou Fund is an important step for Greatpower to develop the power battery field of new energy vehicles. The company will quickly complete the integration of the industrial chain from resources to technology, transform the company's resource advantages into industrial structure advantages, and build a leading supplier of key materials for power batteries in Chinese new energy automobile industry, Dongqiang Cao said.


From the perspective of market analysis, in the short term, new energy vehicles will be vigorously promoted around the world, with Chinese market share reaching 41%, ranking first in the world. According to the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Electric vehicle production in China will reach 7 million units in 2020-2025. In this process, ternary materials containing lithium nickel and cobalt are replacing lithium iron phosphate as the mainstream of power batteries. Nickel, cobalt and lithium are scarce resources, which will become strategic resources in the new era. The upstream nickel and cobalt lithium enterprises will become the new "Opec". Such a development trend has laid a solid foundation for the future development of Grenadiers in the international community.


At the end of the signing ceremony, Suzhou Mayor Yang Jun made a concluding speech. Yang first thanked all sectors of society for their attention and support to the overall development of Suzhou and gave recognition to the competitive advantages of Xiao County, the location of the investment. He expresses, Xiao County had walked out a traditional industry county to attract investment initially at present new road. The long-term fund and the smooth signing of Greatpower new energy will help Xiao County to have a place in the new energy industry. Mayor Yang Jun spoke highly of the cooperation, saying that the municipal party committee and the municipal government will continue to provide all kinds of support to help Xiao County become a new base for the development of new energy industry. In the future, we will see on the land of Xiao County a new flag of Chinese new energy towards the world.


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