Nickel hydroxide

外文名:nickel hydroxide

Chinese name: 氢氧化镍

English name: nickel hydroxide

Structural formula: Ni(OH)2

Metering formula: H2Ni1O2

Relative molecular weight: 92.7138

Melting point: 230°C

Density: 4150 kg/m3 (°C)

Form (normal temperature): crystalline or non-crystalline

Color (normal temperature): turquoise

Solubility (water): 0.013 g/100g water

Solubility (Other Solvents):+NH3.H2O

CAS No.: 12054-48-7

PubChem CID: 25500


Product Application: Power Battery Materials

Nickel hydroxide is a reducing hydroxide and can react with some strong oxidants to generate NiO(OH). It has strong alkalinity. It can ionize a large amount of OH- and a small amount of [Ni(OH)6]4- anions in saturated aqueous solution (mass ratio concentration: 5%), and can also dissolve in strong alkali such as NaOH and KOH to form Na4[Ni(OH)6] or K4[Ni(OH)6]. After evaporation, easily hydrolysable salts such as Na4NiO3 can be obtained.