Electrolytic cobalt

Chinese Name: 电解钴

English name: Cobalt

Molecular formula: Co

Molecular weight: 58.93

Melting point: 1495º C

Boiling point: 2870º C

Water solubility: insoluble

Density: 8.92


Product Application: Power Battery Materials

Cobalt is a shiny steel gray metal, hard and brittle, ferromagnetic, and disappears when heated to 1150. The valence of cobalt is 2 and 3.  It does not react with water at normal temperature and is stable in humid air.  When heated to above 300in air, CoO is generated by oxidation and Co3O4 is generated by combustion in white glow. Fine metal cobalt powder through hydrogen reduction method can combust spontaneously in air to generate cobalt oxide.