Lithium hydroxide

Chinese name: 氢氧化锂

English name: lithium hydroxide

Other name: lithium water compound

Chemical formula: LiOH

Molecular weight: 23.94

Melting point: 471

Boiling point: 925(decomposition)

Water solubility: soluble

Density: 1.51g/cm^3

Exterior view: white monoclinic fine crystals

Hazard description: This product is highly corrosive and can burn eyes, skin and upper respiratory tract.

Alkaline strength: strong alkali

Chemical category: inorganic substance-inorganic base

Control Type: Control

Storage: sealed dry storage

Product Application: Power Battery Materials

Lithium hydroxide is white monoclinic fine crystal. It's spicy and strongly alkaline. It can absorb carbon dioxide and water in the air. Soluble in water, and its solubility at 20 degrees Celsius is 12.8g/100gH2O, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether. The pH of 1mol/L solution is about 14. The relative density is 1.51. Melting point 471(anhydrous). Boiling point 925(decomposition). Corrosive.