Three cobalt oxide four

Chinese Name: 电池级四氧化三钴

English name: Cobalt oxide (II,III)

Chinese alias: cobaltosic oxide (II,III)

CAS No.: 1308-06-1

Molecular formula: Co3O4

Molecular weight: 240.7972


Product Application: Power Battery Materials

Black or grayish black powder. The bulk density is 0.5-1.5g/cm3, and the tap density is 2.0-3.0g/cm3.  It is the product of cobalt monoxide and cobaltic oxide. When exposed in air, it is easy to absorb water but does not generate hydrate. It is soluble in nitric acid. When heated to over 1200, it will decompose into cobalt oxide. When heated strongly to 900in hydrogen flame, it is reduced to metallic cobalt.